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2.2.2 Building from sources

(Actually you can compile the sources on Windows, too (of course), but since most people who do compile are Linux users, I dare to put it in the Linux section.)

PP3 is written in CWEB. This is special form of C++ and can be transformed to real C++ trivially. You only need the CWEB programs installed. For your convenience the C++ code of PP3 is included into the source distribution, so you need CWEB only if you want to modify the program.

There is no configure script. Just call make and (as root) make install. Before that, you may want to adjust some paths in the Makefile.

PP3 looks for its data files (all files with the .dat extension) in a special directory that is pre-compiled in the executable. The Makefile assures that this is the correct one, but you can override that at runtime with the environment variable PP3DATA.