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2.3 Increase TeX's memory

There is exactly one object that can need a lot of memory: the Milky Way. Therefore it's switched off by default. But if you want to see the Milky Way on your maps, you probably should set the main memory size of your TeX distribution to its maximal value. This is very implementation specific. With teTeX (Linux) you have to find the file texmf.cnf and set `main_memory.latex' to 7500000. Then call (as root)

     fmtutil --byfmt latex

With fpTeX/TeXLive (Windows) it's the same.

MikTeX however (Windows too) is different. Look for a directory called localtexmf. Then create the file1 localtexmf\miktex\config\miktex.ini and write


in it.

Alternatively (albeit not cleanly), look for an existing file called miktex.ini and change the line with mem_max to the above.

These are the most common TeX variants. For others please have a look in the manual of your TeX distribution for definitive information.


[1] It may be necessary to create the sub directories, too.