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5.5 Labels

My personal experience is that the most difficult part of writing input scripts is to fiddle about with labels. Although PP3 does most of the labelling work on its own, it is not perfect (yet). Thus you will value the features described in this section.

Please note how the texts themselves must be given: Either they don't contain any spaces or line breaks. Then you can just enter them. But if they do contain such white space, you must enclose them with quotes "...". For example, you say

     set_label_text HD 128620 Toliman


     set_label_text HD 128620 "Rigil Kent"

If you (must) use quotes, and only then, you have to enter two symbols in a special way, namely the backslash \ and the quotes ":

     set_label_text HD 128620 "\\footnotesize Toliman"

prints Toliman with small letters, see LaTeX in labels. Quotes must be entered as \".