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line_style grid style Parameter
line_style ecliptic style Parameter
line_style boundaries style Parameter
line_style highlighted_boundaries style Parameter
line_style nebulae style Parameter
line_style constellation_lines style Parameter
Set the line style of the respective object to style. Possible values are none, solid, dashed, and dotted.

Defaults: solid (grid, nebulae, constellation lines), dashed (ecliptic, boundaries)

line_width grid width Parameter
line_width ecliptic width Parameter
line_width nebulae width Parameter
line_width boundaries width Parameter
line_width highlighted_boundaries width Parameter
line_width constellation_lines width Parameter
Set the line width of the respective object to width (in centimetres).

Defaults: 0.025 (grid), 0.018 (ecliptic, nebulae), 0.035 (boundaries, constellation lines)