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6.2.2 Switching things on or off

switch milky_way on/off Parameter
switch nebulae on/off Parameter
switch grid on/off Parameter
switch ecliptic on/off Parameter
switch boundaries on/off Parameter
switch constellation_lines on/off Parameter
switch labels on/off Parameter
Print or don't print the respective (class of) object(s) on the map. `Grid' means the coordinate grid, `boundaries' are the borderlines of the constellations, and `constellation lines' denote the lines between the brightest stars that are supposed to help to see the shape of a constellation.

Defaults: off (Milky Way), on (all others)

switch colored_stars on/off Parameter
If switched on, all stars get a colour that represents their real colour according to their spectral class. This may be unsuitable on a bright background since most stars are pretty white.

If switched off, all stars get the colour given by `color stars', see Colours.

Default: on